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The Change Log
A FOGBOG Product
Note: EMFB requires access to the U.S. NOAA NexRad radar sites.
For that reason, it will not work in Canada unless you are very close to the U.S. border.

Nov 22, 2013 v5.23:
>> Tested OK with Google KitKat OS

June 12, 2013 v5.23:
>> For first time downloads: If you have a Samsung phone, you must "reboot" the phone after EMFB is first installed.
Very easy to do: just turn the phone completely off and then turn it back on again..
.. otherwise EMFB may not get past the "start" screen.

May 2nd, 2013 v5.23:
>> "geo-location" for Weather with current Temp, cloud cover, wind, humidity, and 4 day forcast; SAT overlay as you zoom out.

Mar 21st, 2013 v5.23:
>> "geo-location" added to fuel, Google Alerts and biker events
("permissions" have NOT been changed in over a year .. please, if you have ANY questions or doubts, email me. I answer all emails.)

Feb 25th, 2013 v5.23:
>> minor bug fix in "additional weather"
>> added support for back key pressed from any screen.
>> smaller web buttons, bigger map
>> Long Tap Forecast (aka "Destination Forecast") now shows the satellite Cloud layer (when zoomed out) and the Traffic layer (when zoomed in). Zoom all the way in to your Destination, tap on it and get a detailed Hourly, Graphical or 7-Day forecast.

Feb 21st, 2013 v5.22:
>> changed the GPS with the new DistanceInterval and TimerInterval options..
>> Changed the zoomed out all U.S. view from static to animated..
>> Fixed the SAT/Water Vapor view.. now works the first time you access it.
>> Faster start
>> New look
(higher button contrast for better visibility and color change for user touched feedback)
>> The EMFB static "title bar" is now the EMFB active "message bar"
(Weather alerts, system messages and sms #'s display in the new message bar)
>> Better SMS response format
(separate address and lat/lng response for universal device support)
>> Full support for gm maps apiv3
>> Optional new mode for "NexRad Start Radar"
("classic" for compatability, or "Pre-view v6" in Menu options.. Classic 5 will use a bit less data than 5.21 but Preview 6 will use a bit more)
>> Much faster dynamic updates in NexRad
(old updates twice per minute; new updates every 5 seconds)
The effect is like a moving map GPS with real time NexRad superimposed over your current position.

Feb 10th, 2013:
The new improved NexRad is finished (GM ApiV3).
All the reviews have been + + positive.

This now brings the NexRad "follow me" up to GM v3 from v2.

Please REBOOT your device after the update or you might stay "stuck" at the "EMFB" opening splash screen.


In order to function, EMFB requires:
If ANY of those stop working or fundamentally change their "open access" policy (aka "free access"), EMFB will no longer work.

If free internet, free NOAA or free Google Maps or Navigation stop working or change in such a way that they are no longer "free" or "open access", that is what I consider "Outages Beyond My Control" and EMFB will cease to function. Neither I nor "" shall be held responsible in any way for any "outages beyond my control".

EMFB software is supplied “as is” and all use is at your own risk. Specifically, EMFB should not be used while your vehicle is in motion.

Standard disclaimer:

Feb 5th, 2013:
Upgraded the "Follow Me NexRad" feature to Google Maps version API v3

Dec 23rd, 2012:
v 5.21 released..
.. or, "things I learned from a few months in the North Carolina mountains with spotty coverage"..

In a nutshell, preserve good data when you have it!

In 5.21 if you're looking at a good radar view and the signal is lost, the animated view continues and a small # symbol appears to indicate a "refresh" was tried but failed..
After a few minutes of continual failures a dialog box pops up (one time) to let you know the image you're looking at is beginning to get old.
The # # symbols will continue to accumulate .. about two per minute.
To "test" losing the signal, bring up a FOLLOW ME NexRad view and then put your phone in "airplane" mode..
(press and hold the power button is the easiest way).
After 30 seconds you should see the first # appear.
After two minutes you should see a dialog box appear advising you the signal has been lost.

If you have your Home destination set and then LONG tap the "Navigate HOME", a dialog box will open.
The box will display the current HOME location as before but now it will also give you an option of resetting HOME back to empty.
That makes it easier if you're on the road and want to set a new "temp home" location for wherever your at.
You can also use it to quickly store the current location of where you are if it's someplace neat you want to keep track of.
... 25 PREVIOUS HOME locations can be retained for easy restoration when it's time to really "go home".

A voice command for the ALERTS was added.
Now you can just tap DESTINATION and say:
"My computer, alerts messages" (or "emergency messages").
Any current active ALERTS will be displayed in the "detailed" display mode.
You can view all possible voice commands from the MENU or by tapping DESTINATION and saying: "My computer, commands"

d) v5.21 now starts about 1.24 seconds faster if anyone besides me is noticing. ;-)
I work hard at making it more user friendly and I know people don't like to wait,

e) Privacy mode: If you are actually at home and someone requests your location, EMFB will respond with "I'm home" instead of displaying your home address.
(you need to have your actual home location set first).
Some phones will let you send a text message to yourself.
If you can, and while EMFB is running, and DND is turned on:
.. open your SMS texting and send yourself two messages to test all the DND functionality.
1) just text anything.. i.e. "hi, how are you".
.. EMFB will respond with: " I am out riding, I'll get back to you when it's safe to do so"
(and, to those you've given access to your "secret" location sharing code..)
2) then text to yourself:  "What is your 20"
.. EMFB will respond with your current address and LAT LONG.
The sender can click on that and get a map of where you are.
IF you are home the privacy mode will intercept the address and respond with: "I'm at home, call me"
(that will keep your home address private)

Remember, most buttons are dual purpose.
Tap for primary function or LONG tap for the secondary function.
i.e. Tap HOURLY for the local forecast or LONG tap HOURLY for a forecast elsewhere.

Dec 16th:
v 5.20 released.
b)Time Stamp for DND (do not disturb) Text Messages
c)Stays open when switching to other Apps

The Recent Changes Read:
Dec 16th, 2012
v5 with Automatic NOAA Weather ALERTS
AND now supports most tablets

NEW in V5
.Wx Alerts!
.Quick Forecast on the HOURLY button.
.Two low scores: "no Alerts" and "does not stay loaded"..BOTH fixed now!,
.STARTS faster.
.DND now saves last known GPS address and time stamps it for Auto SMS Text reply.

By far, the best one yet!

Aug 22nd:
v 3.117 released.
a) Added "Follow Me Weather". Now your location and the current NexRad display will automatically update every 30 seconds. The new button is below the power control center:

Aug 14th:
v 3.116 released.
a) fixes small bug when EMFB is used with a 'droid phone and the Motorola car cradle.

version 3.0 will has been released.. new bugs to fix (none found!), .. it's all about NEW features and improved performance.
Overview of the biggest changes:
Many of the buttons are now "dual purpose". "Dual Purpose" simply means that if you "tap" a button you get it's primary function but if you "tap and hold" the same button, you get a secondary function. For example, if you tap the 7-Day forecast button, you get the 7-Day forecast for your current location but if you "tap and hold" the same button you'll get the 7-Day forecast for any other location you choose. In a "nutshell", there are almost twice as many buttons in the same screen space as before.

The other big change is "button status". If you have had your Android phone for any length of time you know that sometimes you can touch the screen without realizing it. Now "Android" is doing something but you don't know what. The EMFB "button status" feature eliminates that. Whenever you tap a button you get a brief pop up describing what EMFB is about to do.

Finally, EMFB is network "aware". Until now, EMFB was solely GPS based. If you were someplace where you could not "see" the sky, EMFB did not work. Now EMFB will use the best position from either the GPS, the ip network, or the service providers cell tower. Of course, for absolute location information, GPS is the best (usually within 20 feet) but if you need to check the weather, or pre-plan a route or just want to play "what if", then the accuracy provided by network and cell towers is more than adequate (usually within a couple of hundred to a few thousand feet). Now you can play with EMFB where ever you are. In the background, EMFB continues to monitor your location and if a better location provider becomes available, it will switch to it and use it.

Other changes:
1) Now you can change both the FONT color and the BACKGROUND colors
2) "Point Cast": Adding to the GPS based NWS forecast function added last month, now just "Point" (tap) anywhere on the map and get either hour by hour detailed forecasts or day by day forecasts for the next seven days. EMFB already provides forecasts for where you are, now it's "easy" to get the weather forecast for anyplace without having to input a name or location... just "point". "Point Cast" is accessed using the "tap and hold" function for either the "Hourly Forecast" or the "7 - Day Forecast".
3) "ePost Card": tap the "Current Location ePostCard" button, set the zoom level ("tap and hold" again), and your location is superimposed on a Atlas style map that you can email ("ePostCard") to anyone or save for later.
4) View your current "Home" setting by "tap and hold" on the "Go Home" button.
5) Performance improvements: Real time address's are now updated eight times per minute as you ride.
6) When you tap "Go Home", EMFB will continue to be available (but paused) in the background. That will enable to continue checking weather as you go home.
7) Tap and Hold "Everything Else" to reset the GPS anytime.

** Notice: June 15, 2011..

Update in the Google Market Place from version 1.0 to version 2.0 for EMFB.

This corrects a bug that prevents the NexRad display from working if you travel near the Jackson, MS area.
It also adds some new features:
New GPS based links to NWS "Hourly" and "7 Day Forecasts". User will now be able to view forecasts at their current location for:
Heat Index, Temp, Wind and direction, Rel Humidity %, Precipitation Probability, Sky Cover, Thunder storm Probability, and Rain Forecast.

.. "Biker Events" and "EMFB Help" have to been moved to the "EMFB Internet" site.
.. "My Current Location" zoom level has been decreased by two levels to provide a wider view.
(the "reload" button still says version 1.1... that will be corrected in the next release)